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In the past, flexible offices were, well, there is no other way to put it, dull and boring. Desks placed in white cubes, with a computer and a chair, were called ‘an office’. And maybe, if you were lucky, there was a painting on the wall. It all began when Eduard Schaepman and Jasper Bekkering walked into these cubes. The twosome felt the same: this can be done differently. At the time they didn’t knew, but this was the start of a whole new flexible offices era.

The story goes a little bit like this:
Once upon a time Eduard, a great innovator with broad expertise in marketing, strategies and branding, met with our Angel Investor. This Angel Investor had heard about Eduard’s successes with a large flex operator and saw great possibilities. He encouraged Eduard to start his own flexible office concept. Eduard was convinced and asked Jasper to join him in his adventure. Jasper has great expertise in operation experience, ICT and finances. Their strengths combined resulted in lots of creative ideas, but none felt right.

Until Eduard and Jasper attended a meeting in a room filled with photographs and objects from indigenous cultures. Eduard looked at those beautiful pictures and objects and his breath was taken away. He said: ‘Jasper, look at those pictures, those beautiful tribal people. We should show these tribes to the world, we should use these to inspire people’. Jasper agreed completely and in August 2013 Tribes was born.

They had an excellent idea and an original name, but starting a new office concept requires lots of knowledge.  Tribes developed Eduard’s idea: the Alternative Workplace Strategy. The Alternative Workplace Strategy basically means that work can be more efficient and should be fun again. An inspiring environment could be the key to achieve that mission. They looked into the needs of business people and they adapted the concept Tribes to get a perfect match between the emotional touch and the technical touch.

Finally, after loads of activities, the first Tribes location was launched in Eindhoven in May 2015. They managed to change the boring white cubes into inspiring rooms with fascinating objects. The Tribes members formed a community, in which the members connect and help each other. The two founding fathers of Tribes looked at each other and smiled, they knew they succeeded.

’The End’ you think? Actually, this was just the start. The founding fathers are building a worldwide Tribes network, so you can work at Tribes wherever you are. They are always looking for possibilities to evolve the Tribes concept, to offer you, the business nomad, the most inspiring workplace and lots of benefits!