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Brussels, Thursday, September 28, 2017 – Today, Tribes Inspiring Workplaces announces which hero-tribe will move to the newest location in Brussels. Tribes Brussels European Quarter will be inspired by the Hunza, a small group of people from a remote area in Pakistani. Tribes members can be inspired by the special insight that the Hunza gives us: judging each other on work experience, performance, success, and talent, instead of judging each other on age.

The newest hero-tribe, the Hunza, is well-known because of the myth that they could achieve extremely high ages because of the many apricots they eat. However, the Hunza, counts in wisdom, experience, and performance. Thus, a person with moderate performance can be younger than a person born later but achieved more successes. With this theme, Tribes is responding to the reality of the labor market, in which it is difficult for graduates and people aged over 50 to get a job. Chief and Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman: 'It's time for a new mindset. Learn from the Hunza, and do not judge a candidate or business partner by him/her age. He or she can be incredibly valuable to your business, no matter how young or old.’

Tribes Brussels European Quarter will officially be opened on October 5th, 2017 by Vice-President of the Brussels Parliament, Fouad Ahidar. The location is the second Tribes location in Brussels, next to the Tribes Brussels City Center, which was opened in December 2015 and Tribes Brussels Airport, which will be opened in 2018. As usual, Schaepman is in the center of the campaign for the new location and represents a Hunza man.