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Amsterdam, Thursday, August 31, 2017 – Tribes announces the hero-tribe of the fifth Amsterdam Tribes location. Tribes Amsterdam Arena, in the Oval Tower, will host the Berbers. Chief and Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman, has a special relationship with the Berber community, the nomadic tribes from Morocco. In February of this year he visited the Berbers, and Tribes Pictures made a short movie about his journey.  


'Nomads in Morocco' is a sequel to 'Nomads in Kyrgyzstan', the first of the series Nomads of Tribes Pictures, in which Schaepman visits traditional nomads all over the world. The premiere of the first film, in which Schaepman experiences how hospitable the Kyrgyz people are, was a great success.   For Nomads in Morocco, Schaepman has traveled to the Atlas Mountains, where he finds that the Berbers are a close community. Schaepman: 'I got to know the Berbers as very hospitable people, with an exceptional business sense. For example, the market is the place where the community comes to life. It's incredibly busy, but for a reason: you meet each other on the market and business deals are closed. The Berbers still have a real spirit of trade, and know very well that you need to get together to do business, an inspiring thought for entrepreneurs and startups.  


As usual, a special campaign image has been developed, in which Schaepman poses as a traditional Berber, crossing the Sahara. Tribes Amsterdam Arena, located in the Oval Tower, will be opened on September 14th from 17:00. To be present at the premiere of Nomads in Morocco, starting at 16.00, you can register at Eline Hamelijnck, via 


Here’s a very special hint…! from Tribes on Vimeo.