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On Tuesday, May 30th,, in cooperation with mobile office operator 3.0 Tribes inspiring workplaces, will present its’ new initiative to the real estate market. is an online platform which makes it possible to book a flexible workspace, private office, general office space, meeting room and/or presentation space without the help of a middle man.

Searching for that perfect workspace just became very easy. selects a ‘short list’ of available workspaces based on the date, location, type of space and how many people that you fill in. You then have a chance to refine your search even more by filling in what type of facilities, style, and quality are wanted. The user can then directly book the space. is a full-service concept; everything is arranged so that you can start working right away. is first focusing on office providers such as Tribes. Tribes has been talking about the further developments in the office market for quite some time. Tribes wants to be able to offer the hospitality services that they have in their “hotels for daytime” in a quick and simple way. That calls for a platform similar to one that has been used for overnight stays in the travel world for a number of years. is that online platform for workspaces. Chief and Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman says the following: “this is a fantastic initiative that addresses the future. Modern business nomads have a clear need to be able to arrange more and more things online. Being able to book a workspace online is definitely one of them”.

More and more short term leases expects that this new way of flexible working will become the standard. Looking at the trend that hotels are investing in flexible workspaces and the new international accounting standards (mandatory that leases are capitalized), companies will start wanting shorter leases in the not so distant future. Office operators such a Tribes will reap the benefits from this.

‘Your one-stop-shop for flexible workspaces’. is founded by Patrick Kremer and Gabrielle Henskens. Both have experience in the real estate branch. Patrick Kremer was CEO at Bilfinger Real Estate B.V. up until last year as well as co-shareholder in the various ‘Actys companies’ until the end of 2015. Gabrielle Henskens was manager Marketing & Sales at Bilfinger Real Estate BV until July 1st, 2016. Together, they started Paga Investment Group B.V. on December 1st, 2016, wherein the developments for were started at the same time. will be launching its’ website on Tuesday, May 30th at the Provada. MVGM will be the host of this event. At 11:00 o’clock Patrick Kremer will give a short introduction and afterward Gabrielle Henskens will explain the booking process at Launching customer, Eduard Schaepman, will also be at the launch and explain why he immediately agreed to put their workspaces on
We hope to see you there!