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It's no news that the weather is changeable in the Netherlands. It’s too windy, it’s too cold or too hot, and too wet or too dry: we’re always complaining. The Dutch use the subject to start a conversation: complaining about little things like the weather, forms a connection.  
We’ve heard it more than once in the past two weeks. One day it was a bit stuffy, the other day a little colder and yesterday we’ve had quite some showers. It was real ‘dog weather’, as we call it in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it’s funny that we can’t really cope with all the weather issues in a country with such unstable weather. With a heavy rainstorm, we won’t take the bike, a few flakes of snow keep us off the roads and in a heat wave we take the day off, because ‘with that heat it’s impossible to stay in the office’.
With extreme temperatures, it is indeed getting a bit warmer at the office. The reason why is clear: the technical installations in large buildings are often almost 30 years old. In the meanwhile, we have a lot more knowledge of climate control, but this has not yet been applied everywhere. So, for the time being you are powerless with high temperatures: your property is just not up to the task. But what can you do when you hear your members sighing (and see them sweating)?




Of course, you can let them sigh, because they will find support with each other. There’s nothing wrong with creating a bond from complaining, but there are many other positive ways of connecting! And you can play a big part in it. If you anticipate, you can have the right resources to give your sighing members a fun experience. On such a hot day, you can complain with them, but you can also serve ice cream or refreshing fruit water. Or you can gather everyone to move the table outside, for lunch and meetings. And with that ‘dog weather’ from yesterday, you can go around to ask if anyone needs an umbrella, but better yet: gather and have a drink while you wait until the storm is over!
Complaining may lead to a connection, we will not complain about the weather at Tribes. We’ll connect by being positive and coming together!