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  1. A few months ago, I’ve had an interesting conversation with Sander, a real business nomad. He told me that he would love to work at the South Axis, but that he cursed the road leading to it. Certainly with all roadworks, because large parts of the South Axis are being constructed. ‘You know what Eduard, when you’ve found a location on the other side of the South Axis, I’ll be your first member!’ he told me.

I’m on that road on a regular basis, and never had any problems. But not long after that conversation, I had to drive by car to the South Axis around 4 o’clock. Normally I would have taken the 5-minute subway from Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, but this time I’ve had a packed trunk, with materials for our locations. I felt frustrated, and I called Jasper: ‘Jasper, what is going on here?’ There are roadworks everywhere and I’m on the same spot for 10 minutes now’. Jasper knew exactly what I was talking about: Well, the South Axis is being developed and will only get bigger, but just turn right two times, and you’ll go around the roadworks’.

Once arrived at our location Tribes Amsterdam South Axis ITO, I did some research on the development of the South Axis. When you think of the South Axis, you’ll think of men in suits, women in high heels and skyscrapers. And it’s true, you’ll find them everywhere. But the South Axis continues to grow, and there are more and more facilities to make it a vibrant living environment, with cafés, restaurants, educational institutions, shops, hotels and even sports clubs. Amsterdam wants to build 7000 homes there, and the South Axis will be a place to work, live and relax. In a few years, the South Axis will only become bigger and more beautiful, and you know me by now: I’d like to anticipate on that.

The international character of this area is attracting a lot of businesses, and today it’s almost impossible to get a workplace on the South Axis. And if the South Axis will only continue to grow, it’s important to make sure that you’re everywhere. Also on ‘the other side of the South Axis’.

The first call I made today, was to Sander. ‘Sander, I found your workplace on the South Axis! It’s just off the highway, you can’t miss it!’ I’m happy to announce that we have been able to get another location on the South Axis, in the Zuiderhof building on the Jachthavenweg. It’s just off the highway, Schiphol is a few minutes away, there are excellent public transport connections and you can work in the center of the global businesses.