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The sequel of the Nomads series of Tribes Pictures is almost finished... We working on the voice over and we’re improving the sound of Nomads in Morocco, and then we’re ready for the premiere on September 14! It’s a little exciting, because our visit to the Berber tribes went different than expected...



The trip began promising, and after receiving a special welcome from the governor of Morocco, we left to find the traditional nomads. For centuries, the Berbers have transported their merchandise through the Sahara with camels, and they travelled long distances and encountered many sandstorms. They showed a true spirit of trade: they did everything for their business, no matter how far they had to go. I was curious about that spirit of trade, and whether it still exists with the present nomadic population. We traveled to the Atlas Mountains, where we would be able to meet them.


You will not believe it, but after we left the heat of the city behind us, and drove into the mountains, it began to snow. The sight was getting less and the road became so slippery that it was no longer safe to move on. We had to find shelter in the only nearby restaurant, where Mustafa welcomed us. Mustafa prepared a delicious meal, told us about his history and we could warm ourselves to the fire.


A few hours later the snow had only increased, so we had to end our adventure in the mountains. We decided to go to a local market, where we immediately saw men driving on scooters, with baskets packed with merchandise such as impressive crops and other goods. I realized that the city's nomads no longer rely on camels, but have exchanged the animals for modern transport. After I visited a traditional barber, I spoke (with the help of Fouad, who guided us) with a merchandiser. He told me that the market is the place where it all happens. The community comes to life on the market, because that’s the place where you meet and where you trade. When I looked around, I saw that it was incredibly busy and that meetings were taking place everywhere.


The Berbers know as no other that you have to come together to do business, something that the modern business nomad sometimes forget, with all the current technology. The Berbers know that you have to meet face to face, and that you have to be where the business is. Of course, the Berbers have become a hero-tribe, for the location Tribes Amsterdam Arena, where we exhibit beautiful pictures and treasures of our trip. And we’ve made a special campaign image, where I pose as a traditional Berber!




Nomads in Morocco will be premiered at the grand opening of Tribes Amsterdam Arena, on September 14th. Book your place quickly at the Eline Hamelijnck, at!