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Today we are back in the Ito Tower to get to know a new Tribes member! Tribes Amsterdam Zuidas Ito is located on the South Axis. In the Ito Tower you can find Tribes on the Mezzanine and on the 7th floor. We have an appointment with Wouter Moll, our Tribal Chief Casper takes us, of course by elevator, to his office and we meet Wouter. He starts to tell that he will move to the Mezzanine at the beginning of May. We are very curious about his work experience and what brought him to Tribes!

Wouter has a rich history in the real estate world. In the past, he has been involved with consultancy, project management, project development, and investments. In recent years he has done this for a large consultancy firm, a project developer and for the largest residential investor in the Netherlands. In short, Wouter has built up an enormous network and many relationships that are indirectly involved in the real estate world. At the end of last year, Wouter set up B.V. Larendael Real Estate with a number of these clients. Wouter: 'I have been able to do a lot of beautiful large projects and it has always been a very interesting playing field. But I missed doing business. Because I have so much contact with people from the real estate world and because of the need I saw to further professionalize certain real estate activities, the idea arose.


We are very curious about what that professionalization means. ‘What we do in the basics is actually manage and expand existing shareholder portfolios. We are mainly involved in looking for projects that are not going well, for example. The current market is very good, which makes our position more difficult, there is a lot of competition. That is why we are looking for this niche. At the same time, we are also looking for solid investments. Because of our expertise and the financial strength we have, we can act relatively quickly, this is something that makes us unique.’ According to Wouter.  

Larendael Real Estate started almost 2 months ago and it is going very well! A workplace is, of course, part of this. ‘I already knew Tribes from my own past, I was, when it had just started, I visited it once and I was very impressed with the concept. I decided to take a look at this location. In addition, I had heard a lot of enthusiasm from well-known parties who are already there. As of May 1st we will go to the M floor, I think that there’s more room for interaction and that is really what we are looking for!’