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Today we take the train to the one of the most important business cities in the Netherlands: Rotterdam. We’re going to visit our location Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. The elevator brings us to the first floor, where we have an appointment with Wil Jansen, director and real estate advisor at @Work Makelaardij (Real Estate). We take place at our Tribal table and Will starts to tell about the growing housing market and what he can mean for potential house buyers in Rotterdam.

Wil helps people with the sale and purchase of their houses. He has a unique way of working: ‘Nowadays, it is not that easy to buy a house, the offer of real estate is little and there are others who like to buy a house too. Also, the competition with other real estate agents can be intense. But everything is going well at @Work Makelaardij! We mainly do purchases in Rotterdam, but sometimes also in Utrecht or Amsterdam.’ @Work Makelaardij works with a step-by-step plan which consists out of seven steps. These seven steps have to be followed to achieve a success. Wil: 'We really look at the value of a house, it is very difficult to get a house and that's why we always give our customers an honest advice.'


Wil has been working as a real estate agent since 2000 and has over 17 years’ experience in real estate. ‘I have done a lot of different things in real estate, but one year ago I have chosen to start @Work. I’ve always been an entrepreneur.’ The housing market for real estate agents is good at the moment, real estate agents seem to be necessary for potential buyers. We are very curious how Wil deal with this and what he does to stand out: ‘It is important to know that it is all about the customer. Therefore, I pay a lot of attention to the personal aspect of being a real estate agent. In addition, we have slightly lower rates compared to others. And that’s why we have good reviews.’


@Work Makelaardij has been a member of Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel for two months now. Wil: 'I think it's a very nice space, where nice young people work and I really like the tribal table!’ He also thinks that there are a lot of possibilities to grow within Tribes! Therefore they started with a shared office and hopefully they will grow very soon!

One last tip from Wil for the people who are looking for a house: like all real estate agents in your area on Facebook, you'll stay up-to-date!

Would you like to know more about @Work Real Estate or do you have a question for Wil? Send an e-mail to!