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This Friday we visit our location in the Amstel building, right across train station Amsterdam Amstel. We’re meeting with Davey and Thijs from WeAssist in their office on the ground floor of Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. Davey and Thijs have been working for years, and this year they decided to start a company together. WeAssist focuses on enterprise customers who want to increase their customer satisfaction, during our conversation, it becomes clearer what WeAssist is all about.

Davey and Thijs have started the company WeAssist, which makes software that helps companies to improve their customer contact. Davey: 'Today, companies are working hard to improve their customer contact, via a chat box, via WhatsApp, by phone, email, and so on. But to accomplish this, more FTE's are needed, and as a result the service cost of a company increase. We have developed software that focuses on intelligent customer contact. A personalized self-service application.’

According to Davey and Thijs, this self-service application makes it possible to help your customer as much and quick as possible when it comes to customer contact online. For example, your visitor can already find the most answers to his questions on the web page, and they don’t have to make a big effort to find these answers. This can make sure that a visitor doesn’t quickly leave your website.  Thijs: ‘A great thing about the application is that it is following the visitor until the visitor has found his answer. On each page, various questions will pop-up, based on the behaviour of the visitor, with the purpose to help him/her as soon as possible. In addition, the behaviour of the visitor is archived, so we know that  the visitor already asked a certain question.’ Wow, we think that sounds very customer-friendly! Ultimately, it's all about making customer contact as user-friendly as possible.


In the past, Davey and Thijs have worked together for another software provider. Besides business partners, they have also become friends. Thijs is the technical mastermind of WeAssist and Davey focuses on commercial opportunities. It is proven that they make a good team: they already had a customer in their first month!  

Since April 3rd, WeAssist has been a member of Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. Davey and Thijs have a number of friends who use our facilities at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp. They have had a tour in Utrecht and when they realized that Tribes also has a location near the Amsterdam Amstel station they decided to have a look. The location is ideal for Davey & Thijs, because it is much closer to home! Both: ‘In the first few weeks we’ve used the flexible workspaces, but when we won our first customer, we immediately upgraded to an office!’ One of the decisive factors was the look and feel of the interior. Davey: 'We feel very welcome and at home here. We also have a lot of contact with other members and we are always in for drinks! And of course, we believe that customer service is of great value and that certainly applicable at Tribes. '

Davey and Thijs would like to offer a free trial of the software WeAssist to all members of Tribes.  More information about this? Feel free to contact Davey at!