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On this Friday we visit our location in the Amstel building. Right across the Amstel train station the house of the Suri is located. The Suri are a tribe from Ethiopia and are known for their competitive character. In the life of a business nomad, it is also important to be competitive in some situations. Today, we meet entrepreneur Rob van der Laan, founder of NewPort Capital. Rob helps medium-sized Dutch companies to grow. When we sit down, Rob starts telling about his company.

NewPort Capital is an independent investment company/investment fund that focuses on investments in Dutch companies. These companies are internationally active companies with headquarters in the Netherlands. They have around 100 to 300 employees and have a profit of two to seven million euros a year.  Rob: ‘NewPort Capital is a critical and committed shareholder, acts as and is an important sparring partner for the company and supports with the building of its network.’ The company NewPort Capital is fully funded by successful Dutch entrepreneurs and the NewPort Capital team: ‘Everyone in the team is shareholder, because we think that the employees will make better decisions for the company.’ Rob has a lot of expertise of the business, and in September 2017 he decided to start NewPort Capital. ‘I have been doing this for a long time, I have been a shareholder in companies for a long time. The strength of NewPort Capital is that we have strategic, financial and operational expertise. In addition, we have a big international network and growth capital.’ Said Rob.

Since September 15, 2017, NewPort Capital has been located at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. 'We actually had another place in mind, but due to circumstances, it wasn’t possible to realize this. That’s why we decided to take a look at a Tribes location. I really like the Amstel location because of the wide range of entrepreneurs. And of course, Tribes is a full-service solution, so I don’t have to worry about the internet and the look and feel of the building! Therefore we can keep on doing what we do best!’ We hope you can do this for a long time at Tribes!

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