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Today we visit our beautiful location at Riekerpolder Business Park, near Schiphol Airport. At a short distance from Amsterdam Airport, we have an appointment with Otto Klaren of HCL Technologies. We take place at our round tribal table, where we talk about the move of HCL Technologies and about the Tribes building. Otto begins to tell about HCL Technologies and about the complexity of software.

HCL Technologies is an Indian company with a large international network. With around 120,000 employees worldwide, HCL can count on one of the largest players in the world of IT services. The HCL department in the Riekerpolder Business Park is 22-strong and provides the Support for business applications that companies use in developing, managing and maintaining software.

"We went as a team from IBM, another player in the world of IT services, to HCL. You can actually see it a bit like a transfer, in the football world. Our team is very international. French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Dutch, they are all with us.’ said Otto. Otto himself performs the role of Client Advocate Manager at HCL and makes sure that the relationship is established with the client, facilitated and that the relationship is maintained.

One of our burning questions is how such a club like HCL got in contact with Tribes. Otto: "In the past, I worked for Eduard Schaepman, Chief & Founder of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. I followed the start of Tribes via Facebook and I was very excited about it.’ HCL Technologies has recently entered the building of Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol. According to Otto, the move has been very pleasant: "There was a good speed of acting, answering and facilitating. If something went wrong this was quickly fixed and the communication between us and the Chief and hostesses of the location is very nice!’. We can be happy with such a party as HCL!