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This week we would like to introduce you to one of our members from Rotterdam. We’re meeting with Lourens de Waard at the Tribes table in the Wilhelmina Tower. Lourens is partner and notary at Arcagna, this company is a notary, lawyer and tax advisory office, which is specialized in advising of wealthy families and entrepreneurs, in this niche market also known as private clients. Lourens tells us about his core business as a notary in this industry. Lourens tells us how his days look like being a notary at Arcagna.  


Arcagna advises its clients in family law, business law and tax law. Arcagna claims to create peace and clarity for its private clients. The company consists of 20 employees, who are spread over Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We ask Lourens about the history of the company: 'Arcagna was founded in 2011, Since the 1st of January, this year, I have been a notary and partner of the company. Arcagna's strength lies in our integrated services from the notary, advocacy and taxation. Therefore, our work does not end with advising, we can also ensure the implementation of our advice.’ We wonder why Lourens chose to become a notary. Lourens: ‘What really appeals to me is the fact that I can help people solve personal issues, and all that in a field that attracts to me. In addition, I apply the law that is the same for everyone, but it is always the question which solution suits a clients’ specific needs best.’


Previously, the Rotterdam office of Arcagna was located at the Willemswerf. Because Arcagna was looking for more flexibility, they started to search for another location in Rotterdam. Lourens: 'We have looked up the possibilities within Rotterdam and we got really excited by Tribes. The flexibility with regard to the square meters you can rent, the use of the meeting rooms and the duration of the contract appeals us to us and so far it has been very good.’ It's always good to hear that members have reached us through their own research. Finally, we ask Lourens what he likes most about Tribes: ‘The most beautiful aspect is that even a notary feels comfortable in such a modern environment.’