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On this Friday we take the train to Amsterdam Zuid. We are on our way to visit the house of the X-Tribe. The X-Tribes consists of a group of people who are pioneering and innovative. Here you can think of famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, but also Mohammed Ali and Amy Winehouse. Today we also meet such a pioneering and innovative X-Triber, Lauge Nielsen. Lauge has recently stopped his work as managing director at Pathé, the largest cinema concern in the Netherlands. He handed over the work to his successor. But Lauge is unable to let go of it all, therefore he is currently responsible for the activities of Pathé Holding. We think it is an honour to meet such an X-Triber, who certainly knows how to challenge himself.

‘I have been retired formally and I'm no longer employed at Pathé. But for the next four years, I will continue to provide my services to Pathé as a member of the board of the holding. Such, I remain involved in the interests of Pathé, both in the Netherlands and in other countries, such as Belgium.’ Says Lauge about his new appointment at Pathé. 22 years ago he became Pathé’s managing director. Before his, he has worked as a consultant for the company for 3 years. During his directorship, Lauge has ensured the increasing cinema visits. In addition, he has been responsible for important innovations, such as the digitization of cinemas and the exposure through online channels.

Lauge is Danish. He left Denmark for the company: CBS records, which is also located in the Netherlands. After 5 years of working for this company, he set up a video company for a large American studio. Lauge: ‘The first video we have released was Thriller from Michael Jackson, that was a fantastic set-up.’

After that, he got involved into the world of cinema. He started his career at Pathé as a consultant. At that time, Pathé was still part of a larger whole, with Warner Bros and Morgan Creek. Lauge was working for all three. ‘It started with building the first cinema in Scheveningen. That’s when Pathé decided to proceed on his own. I have been managing director for 22 years and have never been in one position for such a long time. It was spectacular to build a multiplex cinema in the 1990s. Everything became more digital over time. IMAX, laser projection, it was a continuous challenge. I have been able to experience all sorts of changes and that has really been wonderful.’ Lauge about his directorship at Pathé.

Besides his work for Pathé Holding, he is one of the Danish consuls in the Netherlands. In our country, there are two consuls, one in Groningen and one in Amsterdam. ‘Nowadays, the consulate is different compared to 10 years ago. What I do primarily is helping the Danes who live in the Netherlands. Or the Danes who want to come to the Netherlands to study or to work. But they can also come to me to vote when there are elections in Denmark.’

The office of Pathé is located near Tribes Amsterdam Ito. Therefore we wondered why he is not working at Pathé’s headquarters. Lauge: ‘We decided to arrange another office for my job. In the building, where Pathé is located, there was only a possibility to rent a 400m2 floor. That’s way too much for me, I don’t need so much space.’ For Lauge, it is very important to have the possibility to close the door of the office. Particularly because of the fact that the Danish Consulate is involved in personal matters. ‘During my search I found Tribes. I think it’s a wonderful environment and it’s exactly what we were looking for!’