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The South Axis in Amsterdam is the ideal place to do business in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are very pleased that we have a location in the Ito-Tower, the home of the X-Tribe and a location in the SOM-building, the home of the Kyrgyz, where we are today. We meet Joost Beijers, founder of Vastgoedhypotheker (Real Estate Mortgages). And the Real Estate Business is big at the South Axis, Joost can tell us a lot about it!


Vastgoedhypother focuses on all segments in real estate, from small to large, from financing private property to the financing of larger properties, such as housing portfolios or converting offices to homes, for real estate professionals. Joost: ‘Basically, we do the things that the banks don’t do. We can finance certain development, especially the ones with high risks. You can think of financing developments of a building. Nowadays, very few people in the Netherlands can make this possible, because, during the economic crisis, banks no longer financed these developments.’ From the beginning of the economic crisis, banks have decided to tighten their rules. And according to Joost, the main part of these rules have had negative consequences for entrepreneurs and investors. Vastgoedhypotheker dares to take these risks, and because of his many years of experience, Joost has maintained a lot of connections with banks, especially German banks. ‘Actually, there are three key features that are important, the maturities are much longer than in the Netherlands, up to 30 years, the interest rates often is lower and mortgages can be transferred during the sale.



Four months ago, Joost became member of Tribes. He uses the flexible workspaces at several locations of the Tribes network in the Netherlands. Joost is an old acquaintance of our Chief and Founder Eduard Schaepman. Joost: ‘In addition to having an office in Maarsbergen for back-office activities, I am often at Tribes South Axis SOM for appointments with clients. It’s such a dynamic environment, in the meantime, I got to know everyone and the location is very cozy. I am also very pleased that Tribes will open in Düsseldorf soon because I do a lot of business in Germany. Therefore, I don’t rule out that we will grow within Tribes!’

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