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Today we return to the Amstel building. We meet two familiar faces, Marwa and Milad, who have been members from the beginning of Tribes. Marwa and Milad are the founders of  the consultant company Pro-Activ 8, which we spoke to earlier this year. Pro-Activ 8 has been taken over by the Turkish company ISKOtm, the largest  and most innovative denim supplier in the world. We take place in their beautiful office and receive their business cards in a very special way. Marwa says: ‘In Turkey, it's a sign of respect if you give your business card with both hands to your conversation partner.’

ISKOtm  has been founded by the Konukoglu in 1983. Since then, it is the largest denim supplier in the world, it produces over 250 million meters of denim per year. The denim is delivered to more than 700 premium brands in the world in 60 countries. 'ISKOtm  supplies to brands like Diesel, Replay and Nudie Jeans. It delivers innovative denim products to other big retailers and fashion and sportswear brand. ISKOtm  thinks it is very important to follow the latest trends and always deliver according to the best technology. That’s one of the reasons many products of ISKOtm are patented.’ According to Marwa, who has a lot of experience in fashion, retail and e-commerce.

We are very curious about how the acquisition has been realized. Milad has the answer to our question: ‘‘ISKOtm does not only deliver according to the newest technologies, but also supports partners with complementary services like marketing and creative design. We have studied how ISKOtm can increase brand awareness and we ultimately have presented these results and ideas. The company found it to be in line with the vision of the company. That’s how the acquisition actually started.’ This has been over 6 months ago. Marwa and Milad are working on the business development as consultants: ‘We mainly study how the company can improve processes, how it can extend activities and we look for the right directions.’ They do this internationally, therefore they are often found abroad. ISKOtm has 35 offices worldwide, so Marwa and Milad have many colleagues from different cultures. Marwa: "The ISKO colleagues are all very forward-looking, free-thinking and especially respectful. It is really a family business where loyalty is highly regarded, it has a lot of passion for denim and this makes it a real ISKOtm  family. This is reflected in the years that employees work at the company, many people have been working for 10 to 20 years at ISKOtm . We're very happy that we're a part of this.’

It was possible for Marwa and Milad to maintain their workplace at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. Milad: ‘When we started at ISKOtm, we moved to, in our opinion, the most beautiful office of the location. Our colleagues, who are work in the showroom in Amsterdam or at the office in Valkenswaard, think it is a great place to work.’ A number of other reasons for choosing Tribes are accessibility, parking possibilities, and the appearance. ‘It looks very beautiful, the contact with the members and the coziness around is very nice. We get along with the hostesses very well. Therefore we are very pleased to share these services with our colleagues when they come work with us.’ Says Marwa about Tribes. We are very happy with such members and hope they will stay with us for a long time!