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Today we again visit our location in the Amstel building, the house of the Suri. This location has been open for almost a year and we have been able to interview a lot of members of the Suri. Today we meet Frank Swart, who has been a member of Tribes Amsterdam Amstel for half a year. Frank is a lawyer and is specialized in jurisdictions such as civil law, tenancy, property, and many others. Frank is an entrepreneur and is active under the name Lexcom Legal.

Frank is, within the legal area, specialized in real estate. In this field, he engages with proceedings in the field of tenancy, this can be for residential and business space, private or business! For example, decompositions, evacuations, rental price revisions, redevelopments, but also cancellations and, in fact, all things that are related to rent. After completing an internship at a large office, he started for himself. In the meanwhile, he has been an entrepreneur for 17 years. Frank about entrepreneurship:  ‘I think the very best of my job is the legal battle, the intellectual battle, which is based on very strict rules.’ Frank works a lot alone and has an accounting officer, who works for him for 2 days.


Previously, Frank worked from his own office at another office operator. Because of redevelopments, he was forced to look for a new office space. During his search, he got a tip and he visited Tribes. ‘When I came here for the first time, it felt good immediately. Now, 5 months later I really like it, the office space is well-equipped and there’s a good atmosphere.’ Says Frank about Tribes. What does he like most about Tribes? The comfort: ‘Overall, everything is very well-equipped and I really like that.’

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