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This week we visit the Maasaï in Eindhoven, located in the Flight Forum Business park, nearby Eindhoven Airport. In addition to hard work, it is important for many business nomads to stay fit. Today we have an appointment with Emiel Bechtold, studio owner of fit20 Eindhoven. Emiel knows how to stay fit while you’re at work.

Fit20 is a franchise fitness formula that stands for training once a week for 20 minutes, without changing clothes or taking a shower. It is a complete full body workout with the focus on strengthening and getting fitter by realize an effective training stimulus. During the fit20 training we are looking for the limit of muscle strength in a safe way. Therefore, you are always guided by a personal trainer. In this case, Emiel: 'Many people see the need to sport, but have little time or no hassle. At fit20, it is not necessary to get changed and you can just train between work. We can’t make it easier!' Does Emiel himself also do the fit20 training once a week? He explains: 'Of course. After intensive training, your muscles need 5 days to recover. During recovery, your muscles and entire body become stronger and adaptation to the training stimulus takes place. We call that stimulus and adaption. That's why Fit20 training not only affects your muscle strength, but also your fitness and recovery ability. More and more research shows that strength training is the most effective and safe way to stay healthy. It is good for your bones, your blood sugar and your blood pressure. Strength training also affects low-grade inflammation and has a positive effect on your mental and emotional strength. The chance of injury is very small compared to running. Certainly because we work with highly trained personal trainers and we never train more than 2 customers at a time.'

Fit20 has been located at Tribes from the beginning. Intensive movement if very natural for the nomadic tribes. 'Sprinting to catch an animal and walking back to their tribe as they carry the prey. We cycle or walk somewhere but the short heavy effort we do is too little. The fit20 training ensures that you do this effort every week. Use it or lose it ... 'The concept of Tribes appeals to Emiel, especially the ambiance and the environment. 'I regularly hear the well-known ‘wow effect’ when my customers walk!’ We’re glad to hear that Emiel!