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It is time again to take a look at our location in the Ito Tower. We meet with one of our newest members of the X-Tribe. Swiss4x is a forex trader, that trades in a well-considered way. We talk with Ed van Nierop, who welcomes us into the Swiss4x office. Ed starts to tell about how it is to trade in currencies.

Swiss4x is a product of a Swiss AG. It has an extended expertise in the seven world’s largest currencies. Swiss4x is a forex trader and has developed a system that contains two major components. Ed: ‘The system consists of an Artificial Intelligence component and a Human intelligence component. We give an advice, based on the results of algorithms. The most important fact is, that we always study these results with our ‘Human Intelligence’ afterward. Because we talk about a considered decision.’ Many other forex traders make a trade per second, Swiss4x makes about seven trades a day. ‘As I mentioned before, it’s an important decision we make. Our decisions are based on facts, not on intuition.’ said Ed. After 10 years of hard work, the results of the systems turn out to be amazing and exceptional.
Ed works from Amsterdam and is the marketer at the company. He has more than 30 years of marketing experience. At the Dutch office, the front office, they currently work with three men.



Since a month Swiss4x has been a member of Tribes. Ed is a familiar face to our Chief & Founder Eduard Schaepman. Tribes is, according to Ed, is a turn-key solution for your office. Ed: ‘It's a tasteful office, where everything has been arranged in a fantastic way. We think that we have one of the most beautiful places in the building, overlooking the courtyard.’ The location, representativeness of the office and atmosphere are very appealing factors according to Ed. Besides that, the opportunity to contact other members is a nice benefit. ‘There are many interesting companies around us. I think we can mean something to each other.’ as Ed said. And again a business nomad as a member, who goes where the business is. Welcome, Ed!