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In the city with the largest metro network in the Netherlands, we drop by our location in the Wilhelmina Tower in Rotterdam. We arrive and take place at the Tribal table. We have an appointment with Derek Buddingh, one of our newest members. Derek tells about his background and ambitions. Recently, Derek decided to start a company and since June 1, 2017, Agiliz Netherlands is active! A company specialized in Enterprise Analytics and Reporting. What does this mean? We got there as the conversation progressed!

Derek has set up the company with a Belgian party. This party has been an expert in Enterprise Analytics and Reporting for 10 years. Derek helps companies with her information facilities. He has a lot of experience, previously Derek worked for MicroStrategy, a major US software supplier. Derek: ‘ After 7 years of working at MicroStrategy, I thought it was time to start something on my own, because of my experience, I know very well how the implementation of certain software works.’ The freedom at work, be able to express your creativity and working with customers are all aspects that appeal to him in this industry. ‘In a company, data is distributed everywhere, our system retrieves that data from those sources and actually makes information about it.’ Derek said. He tells us that it can be all sort of data, from financial to HR, Agiliz takes care of everything!


After an intensive search where 6 locations were visited, Derek found Tribes. It was a close call or Derek hasn’t visited Tribes at all. Derek: "I had already made a choice until one of the shareholders asked me: Do you get energy from the environment in the office? When I thought about it, I thought, no, I don’t actually, and continued my search. "Meanwhile, he already has spent a month on the 15th Floor of Tribes with a view over the Maas. "I think it's a lovely office and until now it is very good! Contact with members is also a lot of fun! 'Agiliz is growing fast and we hope we can continue to facilitate you in this growth Derek!