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This Friday we visit the tribe where the 8th location of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces is inspired on, the Hamar at Utrecht Central Station. We have an appointment with David Mooijaart. While enjoying a cup of coffee David starts talking. David started his own company: HSAprogram on April 1. HSA means Human Sales Action. A second partner, Jeroen Wilmink, has also joined. Sales is a broad concept, that’s why we are curious about what Human Sales Action means.
After his study heao commercial economy, David has remained active in the commercial business by managing and coaching sales professionals who want to sell more. For the past 8 years, he supervised more than 700 professionals to make a leap in B2B sales. In the extension thereof, he currently teaches b2b professionals how to give the best attention to prospects and customers, so they happily sell more. A group of 6 to 12 participants, from different organizations, who are intensively supervised to achieve this, start a number of times a year. The program consists of collective training days, individual coaching sessions and online communication.
The key to the success is in the continuous attention that the participants spend 3 months, every business day, on improving their B2B sales effectiveness. Participants enrich their knowledge of the commercial process, practice to improve their sales skills and learn to use a small number of simple and powerful sales tools.

David: ‘The biggest change is that the program in the company I worked for was an extent of the business. Now, the HSA program is the main business of a new and healthy company. I am proud that we will start with the third group in the Netherlands soon. In addition, an international fast-growing organization has chosen to participate in the program in Berlin, which we facilitate, in cooperation with a local German partner, so that they can follow the program in-company!’
Recently, David became a member of Tribes Utrecht! He is working in both Utrecht locations, Utrecht Central Station and Utrecht Papendorp. Currently, he uses the flexible workspaces: 'I'm very pleased to be able to choose where I work. Utrecht Central Station, Papendorp and less at home. The atmosphere at Tribes is very collegial, with an open and professional appearance. Due to parking possibilities, appointments with customers and prospects usually take place in Papendorp. My personal preference is Utrecht CS. The biggest change in my choice for entrepreneurship is that I don’t take the car to my office automatically, but go by bike or public transport instead. It gives me a feeling of wealth and freedom, the possibility to choose. My goal is to upgrade to a shared office in the autumn, I would like to stay connected to Tribes. The Tribe's slogan is ‘we go where the business is’. I would say: ‘We go where I sell.’ Our sales are going well, so I really like it here :)’.
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