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In Amsterdam, between Amsterdam South and Schiphol Airport there’s the Riekerpolder Business Park, one of the most beautiful places for business nomads to meet. In March we’ve opened a location of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces in this Park. It’s the home of the Chukchi Tribe. In the meantime, some months later, we have been able to meet some great members of this location. Like, Bart Huijbregts and Kees de Louw, founders of DataResultz, who are members of Tribes since two months. Bart and Kees know a lot about big data, and especially how to handle your company’s big data. We are very curious how the company started and why Bart and Kees are such a good business match!

DataResultz helps companies to draw the right conclusions from the data that is available. In addition, they don’t only draw these conclusions, they also help you integrate this. The ultimate goal of the process is increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Bart: 'Big data already plays a major role in business, this will only increase in the future. Nowadays, companies pay attention to their intuition, but with the help of big data, you can make decisions and make predictions for your company. Many large companies employ big data specialists, but for SME+ companies there is often no budget for this or they don’t know where to begin. That’s where we can help! Kees comes with the example of the AH Bonus Card, which we all have!: 'This card registers the user's behaviour, for example: does the user respond to certain offers or not? Once you've collected all this data, you can make predictions about behaviour and respond specifically to the needs of the customer.’ DataResultz approaches their customers in a very special way, they call it: We Care. According to Kees and Bart, it is extremely important to commit for a longer period and to help a company get the most out of it. ‘It's not just a matter of advising, it’s about giving a solution that you create together, so your customer has 100% confidence in you.’


Bart has been sales and management trainer in large and medium-sized companies for 18 years. ‘What I noticed, is that these companies generally work in a reactive way. Often, the customer has to take initiative. I have been thinking about this for a long time and decided to start writing about it, about what the possibilities are when you analyze your data. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to present my idea to Kees and the ball started to roll. Kees, with his background as change manager, is an incredible addition, he looks at things differently, but has the same standards and values.’ Bart said about the beginning of DataResultz. Kees and Bart took a big leap and it has had a positive effect, the company grows fast. Kees: ‘The demand from the market is big, so we have to multitask, the variation in our work makes it super interesting, not one day is the same and that makes it very challenging.’ 


While Bart last week spent walking to Santiago de Compestella for 5 weeks, Kees has been looking for a suitable location. Bart: ‘I said to Kees: I don’t have many requirements, but there must be light, it has to have a restaurant and places where you can work quietly.’ During his search, Kees visited several places, with especially one thing in mind: I am the customer and how do they treat me? ‘It was very nice that Tribes knew I was arriving, I received a good cup of coffee and everyone was very welcoming. In addition, it has a professional appearance and we would like to give our customer that same welcoming feeling that we got from Tribes: We Care, that’s what we would like to see from the first moment!