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After taking a big leap at the Hamar Utrecht Central Station we meet with Bart Heijting. Bart Heijting is a social scientist, clinical health scientist, and physiotherapist. As you can imagine, we were pretty impressed by this function titles. Currently, Bart is Chief Brain Hacker, he is the owner of the company LiveRewired, Neural Self Hacking for business. Where it is all about will be more clear during this interview.

Currently, Neural Self Hacking is still little known in the Netherlands. We were very curious what Bart can tell us about this subject. Bart can make physical changes possible in the brain. He offers this in an accessible, simple and effective way. ‘Actually, you give your subconscious an update, what has positive effects on participants’ health, concentration and productivity.’ according to Bart himself. He offers introductory courses but also intensive programs. Everything is measurable, so the return on investment will be clear at the end of the programs. The courses can reduce absence and increase the productivity of the employees.

Since Bart was 18 years old he is interested in meditation. Bart has had a bad snowboard accident. He managed to cure the chronic pain, caused by this accident, by using meditation. After this experience, Bart chose to start his own business in meditation on neuro scientific basis. Now, one and a half year later, he certainly added some nice companies to his list. Sometimes it is hard to approach people by meditation because it is not integrated into the Dutch business community yet. ‘People need to be open, the courses are very accessible and focused on ways to decrease stress’.

At an open business drink in Eindhoven Bart heard about Tribes. A friend told him about our company and Bart seemed very interested. He approached us and brainstormed about how Tribes and LiweRewired could be a perfect match. Because Bart lives in Utrecht, Tribes Utrecht Central Station is the perfect location to work. In addition, Bart thinks that Tribes is a perfect location with an informal atmosphere and perfect facilities. In the Tribes community, he even met the company GrowthFactory, that helps him in the process of being a start-up.

Do you want to experience the effect of a health boost? Please feel free to contact Bart. Please find more information at!