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On rainy days like these, we like to meet with our members to add some sunshine to the day! Today we visit the home of the X-Tribe at the South Axis in Amsterdam. After a chat with our hostesses, we meet with Anna Palffy, Office Manager at Centurion Venture Capital. We take place at the Tribal table and start talking.

Centurion Ventrue Capital (CVC) is an Amsterdam-based holding company that invests, develops and manages commercial real estate in ex-Yugoslavia region through its local platforms MPC Properties and Confluence Property management. Among its projects are the largest shopping center and the largest office tower in Serbia. Centurion Venture Capital also acts as the investment vehicle on foreign markets with a strong focus on the CEE region. Anna: 'Basically, it’s a company that develops and manages commercial real estate, so not residential real estate, but estates like offices and especially shopping centers.’ CVC is a start-up with a lot of ambitions and international experience.

Anna is from Hungary and has been living abroad for 10 years. One year and 9 months ago she decided to move to the Netherlands. Before that, she lived in countries like Denmark, Austria, and Australië. We can say that Anne really goes where the business is and is the ideal business nomad. After all these years with other cultures and starting from scratch, regarding social life, Anna doesn’t have any plans to move at the moment. But what does she think of the Netherlands? Anna: ‘On rainy days like these, I don’t like the Netherlands, because I’m used to hot summers and sunshine. Though the size of Amsterdam appeals to me, it is easy to get from A to B, but I also have a big city feeling!’

CVC is one of the first members of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito. After the grand opening, they joined us in May. The reason why they have chosen Tribes is basically the design. ‘It’s funkier than other offices, not so traditional 90’s office style and there is a lot of light in the office. It is nice that it is located here at the South Axis and that it overlooks the Gustav Mahlerplein.’ Thanks Anna, It was nice to meet you!