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A number of times a year I feel that I have to clean up. Of course in spring, when it's the traditional time for the 'spring cleaning', but also when the holiday period starts to arrive. I’m not really a person that makes a big mess, but I am a person that keeps things because I might ever need it!

This time I get those clean vibes when I see our stock room at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp. In this room, we keep everything: the notebooks of all of our locations, pens, tribal booklets, keychains, the magazines in which we’ve ever been mentioned in, etc. etc. We collect so much, but we will never use all of this. Outdated flyers, a damaged poster and a number of scratched papers from our brainstorm sessions, we collected all sorts of stuff.



So, time to get started! I roll up my sleeves and start looking through everything. At the bottom of a big mountain of paper, I find a big box, which is sealed and where is written on in capital letters: KEEP! That five-year-old boy in me returns, and I feel like I’ve found a treasure. Because I know what’s inside this huge box: all objects from the time that Tribes was in the development phase. 

I’m going to sit cross-legged on the floor, like a little child, and start to get all of the materials out of the box. This is truly a trip-down memory lane, and I pay attention to everything in the box. For example, one of the first proposals for our logo, then I remember that ‘wow moment’ when I first saw our current logo. The recognizable shield, which has its own appearance for each location, turned out to be a brilliant move! I’m grinning when I see Jort Kelder eating a hamburger, it remains me of a great picture! But, we definitely have to look after the pennies and pounds and I told my good friend Jort, that he was too expensive with a smile on my face! The following proposal is about our tribal booklets, referred to as ‘Tribecyclopedia’. Just try to pronounce that and you know why just called it tribal booklets. And suddenly, I see a very big mood board, with colours, fabrics, and photos. The first ‘smells and colours’ of a location, as I will call them. Inspired by people, you see how traditional, indigenous and modern can inspire each other. 



My search is interrupted by Jasper: ‘Hey Ed, what are you doing? What a mess!’. I look around for a while and see many things on the ground… Perhaps we should do something about it… ‘Jasper, do we have some space for a Tribes museum? We must share this: the history and development of Tribes!’

Therefore, we will rebuild in Tribes Amsterdam Amstel (Well, what’s rebuilding? Let’s call it redecorating). It will be a very special place, where you don’t expect and where you don't come easy. Apply for a tour through the special museum via right now! I will guide the first 10 applicants through our museum!