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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is coming to South Axis in Amsterdam, making it the first 'beautiful Brexit trophy' for our little country! Of course we can be proud of that, a lot of work has been done for it, but do we know exactly what the consequences are? The EMA brings about 900 employees to Amsterdam, and all those people also take people with them... Think of the families who move with them, relatives who come to visit and business relations who fly over. The offer of Amsterdam office and living space is already quite limited, but once the EMA has landed, the crowds will only increase and so will the occupancy rate. Public transport will get stuck, international schools will be full, and let’s not even start about the hotels.

When the Brexit first came up, the big players started preparing for the arrival of the companies. For me, this meant gathering information: what wishes and needs do the companies have that are orienting on (re) establishing in the European Union and at which cities do they focus? In those discussions, it quickly became clear that Amsterdam and Frankfurt are preferred cities because they are the international financial cities. The housing itself must of course be a beautifully furnished space, but more importantly, the need an operator who’s flexible and who has the ability to act quickly. And fortunately, that are our strengths…


A well-known statement is 'governing is all about anticipation’, and that is what I did. I suspected that the first Brexit victory would be for Amsterdam, and I went looking for other opportunities in the other financial cities. And perhaps you can see it coming, because we don’t call ourselves nomads without reason: from our location in Düsseldorf I drove a bit further to Frankfurt and I saw a lot of beautiful buildings there.


Of course, we don’t open a location in Frankfurt especially for the Brexit companies, but I must say that it has indeed contributed to our choice for the city. We found a great place, the Garden Tower in the financial district of Frankfurt. The building is one of the first skyscrapers, and with its 127 meters, still one of the tallest buildings in the city. A very suitable place for a new home base for Brexit companies, where you can meet and work in an inspiring environment, right in the financial heart of Germany!

Tribes Brexit from Tribes on Vimeo.