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You wouldn’t say that it’s almost time to turn the clock forward again because of summertime... This week we had to deal with really cold temperatures again, and a strong cold wind was blowing through the Netherlands. And if there’s a place where you can really feel how cold it actually is, it’s probably the South Axis... Such wind is blowing when I walk between all those tall buildings to my appointment. The businessmen and women pass by really fast covered in thick shawls, without greeting or making any contact.


I know, the South Axis is the heart of the business world, and business nomads from all over the world come here to negotiate and close deals. But does it need to be this way, avoiding all human interaction? Even though it’s a place where contracts have to be signed in a short period of time, we can still connect with each other and all have a good time, right? Where is this modern campfire, where is this place where both young entrepreneurs and experienced corporates talk to each other?


Impulsive as I can be, I immediately decide to do a little bit of market research at the Amsterdam South train station. I addressed the first passer-by (although, it looked more like I tackled him), and asked him to a nice place where I can meet people, to ‘spontaneously network with other business nomads’. The guy looked at me and answered: ‘Well, sir, at the South Axis we actually only meet on appointment, or at café de Blauwe Engel for Thursday afternoon drinks. But to be part of a community, we come together at Tribes nowadays. Does that sound familiar to you?’


I hide my inner joke, thank him for his answer and continue my way to the Tribes locations in the SOM building and the ITO tower, before I go to ‘the other side’ of the South Axis. Meanwhile, more people point me to ‘the provider of flexible workplaces, you should take a look at one of the two locations on the South Axis’ and ‘a building with great facilities, they even have horse saddles as bar chairs’, which restored my confidence in the population on the South Axis. Apparently, they do think it’s important to meet each other, but everyone is a little afraid to make contact on the streets of the South Axis.


It only takes a few minutes to travel to the Zuiderhof building, but I’m still afraid that I’m running late for my appointment with Donald Dinkelaar and Jasper Bekkering due to my mini market research. We will go through the new building together, to watch the results and to discuss our plans for the future. I quickly send a WhatsApp to Donald that I was in Dreamtime for a while, but that I will arrive in a minute. Donald reacts: ‘Dream time? Don’t you mean summer time? That’s Sunday, Ed.’


At that moment I enter the Zuiderhof location, and the influences of the Aboriginals are everywhere. I don't have to walk much further to know that this has become an incredible location again. At the tribal table I meet Donald and Jasper, who are talking about summer time and my dream time, and the meaning of my message.


‘Don, you’re also in the Dreamtime on a regular basis, because that’s the time when the Aboriginals are making plans for real life. The Dreamtime is their mythology, their religion and guiding principle in their lives. The Aboriginal people make plans for real life in their dreams. And after dreaming how they have to do something, the Aboriginal people start to act upon it. In fact, an Aboriginal does nothing before he first dreamed about it.’


Jasper starts to laugh out loud: ‘So tell me Ed, when did you dream about that trio at the South Axis?


Because yes, from today we also offer a trio on the South Axis. Book a trio-tour at Tribes Amsterdam South Axis SOM, Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito and last but not least: Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Zuiderhof!

You can book that tour at or call 0800 22 55 874, but of course, you’re also welcome this afternoon to join us at the official opening of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Zuiderhof, from 05:00 PM, Jachthavenweg 109-A!