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Today we are going to open our first Tribes location in Germany. When I stepped into the car this morning, I felt exactly the same as almost 3 years ago when we opened our very first Tribes location, in Eindhoven. It’s a bit exciting, because although it’s already clear that there is an absolute need for Tribes locations at our eastern neighbors, but this is the moment when a large number of people get to know the result for the first time. A lot has been rebuilt to give this location in the GAP building a real Tribes style, and I have to say: this has been absolutely successful again.


As always I walk my familiar tour through the location, and I am admiring everything in detail. As soon as you enter, the reindeer are immediately noticeable because Tribes Düsseldorf GAP is inspired by the Nenets, a tribe from Siberia, and the only ones who have managed to ride their reindeer. They have managed to achieve this through intensive training, but above all; through the knowledge passed on from generation to generation.


As I stand to admire one of the pictures with all those reindeer, our Chief Düsseldorf, Jonas Termijtelen, is walking by. I ask him about the reactions of the first guests, and Jonas tells me a very special story. This week he has already had a number of spontaneous visitors, and has already given many tours. A young man who was interested in the location arrived on Monday. He was incredibly enthusiastic and Jonas received a very nice compliment:' this location feels like I am back home at Yamal'. The coincidence was that a few years ago he came from Siberia, the Yamal Peninsula, to Düsseldorf.


And that's exactly what we wanted to achieve with Tribes: an inspiring home base for all business nomads around the world. A campfire where entrepreneurs can meet, network and meet, but also work in peace and quiet. A network of locations where you feel at home, but each time surprised by a new tribe, with new colors and materials.


We’ll start this afternoon at 5 pm, and there are a lot of guests who have signed up to join the festivities. I'm very curious to see how they feel about this Tribes location, and I hope they walk through the building with a lot of admiration, like me. Of course I'll do my speech in German, but first we're going to clean the area of evil spirits, together with a Siberian shaman....


Would you like to take a look at Tribes Düsseldorf GAP, email, or call +31 800 22 22 55 874! Be quick, the first six members have signed already, and it can go very fast..!