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When did you get your best idea? Was that when you were home alone? When you stared at a white paper on your computer for hours? Or was it when you just decided to have a cup of coffee with your companion, "because it would not work this time?" Exactly. Just when you start your lonely mime and chat with another person, you get that new insight.
It's something I've known for a long time, and if one of our employees don't know which way to turn and just can't get out, I always tell them to focus on something else. And after that short break, they usually return: "I got it! We are going to tackle it as follows!'
Thanks to Alex Pentland, my theory is finally substantiated. His research has shown that people who work in isolation, work alone at home, get less ideas than people working at the office. These people, in turn, have fewer ideas than people who work in an environment where several people work from different companies. People who have access to people who they do not see on daily base, receive more insights and new ideas and thus provide a higher return.

Alex Pentland is pioneer in Social Big Data, and thanks to the big data we all leave online, he has first shown how we can better understand and influence our society, as well as our organizations. Big data revealed how callcenter employees become much more productive when taking more joint breaks, and when different departments were assembled. People who do not see and speak to them daily.

Well, it is for a good reason that we, at Tribes, do say: "The mind needs to travel to be creative"… The real business nomads go out to meet others, to get to know other places and to get ideas better ideas. And of course, they do it best in a Tribes location, with like-minded professionals. Because there is no place where it is so easy to get to know others. You will find our members at the tribal table, the espresso bar, the Tribes café, the library lounge ... just name it! There is no lack of topics of conversation, because there is enough to tell about our tribes, the hidden treasures in our offices and the rituals where we can learn from.
You may wanted to read this blog because you wanted to do something else for a moment. Or because that particular document is still empty. But maybe it's time for the decision of your life: go out, become a member at Tribes and let those good ideas come!