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Three years ago, I was feeling nervous already for a few days. Veronique told me more than once: ‘It will be fine, darling, it’s such a beautiful location, and so much journalists have shown their interest’. I knew that of course, but still, the launch of your brainchild is quite exciting. On 21 May 2015 we opened Tribes Eindhoven Airport, the first of the network of 19 Tribes locations (and next week there will be 20 already).


A great deal has happened since that day. Not only did we open locations in the Netherlands, but we also went to Belgium and Germany. We have made thousands of photos of our interior, we have produced at least 200 movies and even recorded 3 'Nomads of the World' documentaries (you will hear soon what tribe the 3rd is about...). I have been to RTL7 at least 17 times, to RTLZ 10 times, to Jort Kelder with HHHE many times, to the Belgian Channel Z 5 times, and we have even been broadcasted on national Pakistani television. We have achieved a countless number of headlines, but we have also written at least 150 blogs, and several have been published on external websites. Last but not least, we have won a lot of nice awards, like twice in a row the Best National Flexible Workplace, or the Coworkers Members' Choice Award!


But the best of all? Those, of course, are the people. We have grown from 3 to almost 100 members in the Tribes family, and these are people who are working hard to help build the Tribes network. And then of course I can't forget the ‘extended’ family members: all the external parties who work time and time again to make every location a success. So, to all the men and women of Tribes, all the partners and suppliers: THANK YOU!


Of course, we will celebrate these results, and it’s obvious we will do so with the people who contributed the most to the creation of this great network: all members of the 35th Tribe, our members, who embraced the Tribes concept. Thank you for your trust in Tribes, and that you are still part of our community. That you use the services we offer and help us improve them.


We welcome everyone tomorrow at 17.00 hrs on the anniversary of Tribes Eindhoven Airport, to celebrate the start of the 'Tribes era' three years ago! Contact to be there!