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Do you remember that feeling that you had on your birthday when you were young? When you woke up too early and couldn’t wait to start your day? Well, I experienced that same feeling of enthusiasm this morning. It’s a special day, and I’m very excited about it. Not only because we’re opening the thirteenth location of our fast-growing Tribes network, but also because I am going to do some passionate things!


If you have followed me on LinkedIn for a while, you might know about my passions. It’s all about people, even since I was a young boy. I love to meet and inspire others, but I also enjoy to learn from people. At Tribes, I can really do what I enjoy: I meet new people on a daily basis, there are young colleagues to coach and to train, and for ‘my work’ I can dive into the cultures of nomadic tribes to find new insights. 


That’s exactly what I did at the beginning of this year when I was asked to visit the Berber communities in Morocco. We think we know their culture, but let’s be honest, there’s so much we don’t know or don’t understand. My trip to the Atlas Mountains left a deep impression on me. The Berbers are special people, they form a close community, and they are also very welcoming. For example, Mustafa did not hesitate for a moment to offer three stranded tourists a delicious meal and a great deal of culture and history. We have learned another beautiful feature of the Berbers when we entered the local market. It was incredibly crowded, but for a reason: it’s the place where the Berbers meet each other, and where the business is done. The Berbers have an exceptional business insight: you have to come together and meet each other. Well, that’s obvious, I hear you think?


But be honest, how often do you meet your business relationships? With today's technology, you can easily send an email or use the phone. However, due to that technology, there is a possibility that you never meet someone who you regularly talk to on the phone.  I bet you are thinking of at least one of your business contacts right now... The Berbers know that it is important to meet each other every now and then because that is good for the relationship.


The Moroccan ambassador, Abdelouahab Bellouki feels the same. I have made a movie of our trip to the Berber people, and the ambassador saw the preview. Instead of a mandatory message, or a short call with a standard "incredibly nice and I wish you good luck" sentence, he decided to be present at our opening. Because that's what Berbers do. They meet each other.


Today, my day consists of the usual Business Class recordings, interviews and meetings. Around half past four, I will welcome the ambassador and his consul general with a cup of traditional sweet Moroccan tea. And I'm looking forward to it: two cultures that come together and that can learn from each other.


PS: Do you want to attend the premiere of Nomads in Morocco or the opening of Tribes Amsterdam Arena? Mail!