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After a festive week, in which we’ve opened the location Tribes Rotterdam Blaak and we were once again voted 'Best Flexible Workplace in the Netherlands', it is time for the 'normal' course of events. This meant the start of another campaign on Monday, in which we announced the 21st Tribes location (we are indeed growing very fast, and I promise you that we have not yet reached the last one of the year). This week we’re announcing another location abroad: the fourth in Brussels!


It is the center of the European Union, and the city has stolen a piece of my heart, and I really want to provide all national and international business nomads in Brussels with a flexible workplace. A city where we already had three Tribes locations, and where we will definitely realize more, but could not continue without a prime location in the center. The building where we will open our fourth location is one that I know very well: Rue des Colonies 48-56! Around the corner at the Central Station and the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Goedele where the King performs a lot of ceremonial activities. For one of my old employers I have worked there every day, and I am therefore very proud that we have this beautiful, monumental center location.


I remember one thing from the time that I’ve spend there: most people with the same nationalities in Brussels stick to each other. It was difficult to network; the Dutch went first to the Dutch, and if we had to speak with Italians or Spaniards for example, we asked an Italian or Spanish colleague to make contact.


As a people person, I was trying to connect all the people with different nationalities in the Brussels business world. I gathered them to discover the great restaurants in the neighborhood, and slowly a club of internationals was formed, who visited each other for their businesses and helped each other to broaden their network. In the beginning we met at my office, on the Rue des Colonies, after which we went looking for a nice café or restaurant. The only requirement was that it was in the center, so that everyone could easily go back to his / her home. The group was getting bigger, and it became increasingly difficult to find the right place to meet in a casual atmosphere, and the frequency of our meetings was slowly getting smaller.


It took a while, but today I can finally report that I have found the perfect location for our ‘clubhouse’. It’s not only in the center of Brussels, not only a beautiful building, but a place with history, and therefore ideal to connect and meet! A perfect spot for the international Tribes community! The first have already signed up for a workplace on the Rue des Colonies, and you can also contact from today, or +32 (0) 8002255874 for a monumental workplace!