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Yesterday it was the day of love! Yes, you are right; it is a commercial event. But that doesn't make it any less fun to express your appreciation to your loved one! Why shouldn't you use that one day in the year to do something extra for your partner, even though it's a day that helps many stores achieve their revenue? Every year I do something with it, even if it's just flowers with a postcard, but unfortunately the plans this year were different....


This year on Valentine’s Day I was more than 8000 kilometers away from Veronique. My Valentines message was short, and said that I arrived in the ‘Kingdom of Women’… Visiting this place, where women are in charge, is part of my plan to let Veronique know how much I care about her, and how I appreciate her.


Without Veronique I wouldn't have been able to achieve so much. She makes it possible for me to come home every evening in a warm house, with a nice plate of food waiting for me, children that are nourished and bathed, and she keeps everything going while I am away. They don’t say without reason,' behind every successful man stands a strong woman' (although, my version is better:' next every successful man stands a strong woman')!


After more than 20 hours of travel, I finally arrived in the Kingdom of Women, in China. I can’t exactly tell you which tribe I am visiting of course, because that’s still a little surprise. But this tribe is all about women, they are the boss, and men have not much to say. It would be the last matriarchy in the world (although that is not entirely correct, because men still want to get involved in political affairs), and I look forward to seeing how things are going. The delusion of the day is determined by the oldest wife of the family, and when the time is right, she passes her duties on to her eldest daughter.


The most striking thing about this tribe is that partners don't live together. Both men and women never leave the house, and the families live with several generations under one big roof, led by the matriarch. There are actually no real marriages, they have so-called known ‘walking marriages'.... Men walk in the evening to the house of their loved one, knock at the door, and they ask the woman if they are allowed to spend the night. The woman is in complete control, because she determines whether he is allowed to stay. She is not tied to one man, it’s a sort of free love. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about this subject, and the women of this tribe have been labelled as ‘easy bed partners'. But if you read about these tribe and watch some documentaries, you will notice that this is the largest gossip in the world.


The man makes his advances in the old-fashioned way, he gives her flowers and other small gifts, brings a serenade under the woman's window, and if he finally has the courage, he asks for access to her room. And what happens in that room is not being discussed, but often results in a lifelong partnership, in which the man continues to surprise her to show how much he respects her.


Something that we only do once a year, and then we call it a' commercial event'....

My Valentine was no less than 8000 kilometers away, but she knows that I appreciate her. She knows that I can't live without her and she knows that there was no other opportunity for me to travel to China this week. But with a nice purpose.... I am going to learn all about this special tribe of power-women, to turn one of our future tribes locations into an tribute to the woman!


PS: soon a lot more about this tribe, because there is so much to tell and learn about it.... Keep an eye on my blog! In the meantime you can visit another Tribes location to get an impression of Tribes! Book a tour via or 0800 22 55 55 874!