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Today we take the train to Amsterdam South Station and walk to the Ito Tower. The renovation of the entrance starts to show and the entrance is getting more and more beautiful! We take the elevator to the mezzanine because we have an appointment with Dayanara from the TheTalentSource. We take place at the round Tribes-table and talk about the location and Dayanara begins to tell about her background in online marketing and the beginning of TheTalentSource.

Dayanara is owner of the headhunter agency TheTalentSource, where she and her team focus on finding the best talent in the world of Online Marketing and Communication. With a team of 6 people, she ensures the best match between talent and clients like Ahold, ANWB, MoneYou and ABN Amro. Dayanara is really good in her job because she knows the marketing profession through and through. With a lot of knowledge and experience in various marketing functions, Dayanara accidentally rolled into the headhunter business. When she was asked regularly if she knew candidates and often found a good match, she found it so fun that Dayanara eventually turned it into her job. "What drives us very much in the work of headhunting is that you change people's lives, you are trying to find a match for someone who wants to grow and develop. Ultimately you want to be the best version of yourself. Salary and function titles are not what it's all about. Finding that perfect match is a great process and that's great to do. "According to Dayanara herself.

TheTalentSource is located at Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito since the 13th of March 2017. One of the main reasons for this is that they like to work in the beating heart of the business in Amsterdam. There are nice prospects at the South Axis where they can certainly find a lot of perfect candidates for in the future. They make use of the flexible workplaces and have a nice working environment in the mezzanine. Through Google, Dayanara begun her search and she found Tribes! Our colleague in Amsterdam has given her 2 tours, one at the home of the Kyrgyz, South Axis SOM and one at the home of the X-Tribe, South Axis Ito. Eventually, the choice fell on Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito. Dayanara: 'I think SOM is very beautiful, but what attracted me to the location in the Ito Tower is the modern atmosphere and especially the comfort. The decor looks professional with a wink and I think that it matches our company very much!'. We are pleased with a member who is good at match making and found a good match for workplaces, we hope to have you as a member for a long time Dayanara!

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