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Today we will conduct an interview at our first location in Amsterdam, Tribes Amsterdam Amstel, with Claudie Gimbrère and Frank Penders of the young and innovative law firm Gimbrère Advocaten. Gimbrère, specialised in advising companies and individuals, has already been a part of our community at the Suri since the opening of Tribes Amsterdam Amstel. Right here, in this oasis on the Amstel, they tell us enthusiastically about their practice and their choice for Tribes.

Gimbrère Advocaten Amsterdam
Frank begins enthousiastically with an introductory story about the work of his law firm: "Gimbrère specializes in corporate law and stands for accessible but high-quality legal advice. We basically take all pending cases an entrepreneur can encounter in the course of his work, from the employment law issues, to commercial contracts, to resolving disputes with suppliers, but we also look into the partnerships. In short, in addition to legal counsel, we do also act as a strategic sparring partner. Characteristic of our practice is the accessibility of our services."

Frank continues: "Easy accessibility is our priority, so it occasionally happens that we are called out of bed by a client. We focus in particular on the market in Amsterdam and in the course of time we have become the house attorney for the companies in the SME here, therefore we have developed an 'ongoing' file developed by many clients." Claudie continues: "We will always be fully committed to reach a settlement, we will try to figure out what the matter of concern actually is. Should it be necessary, we will certainly not hesitate to initiate proceedings. However, negotiation is and will always be the starting point for us."

Both interlocutors, Frank and Claudie, have been working together for a long time before the start of the company in April 2015. Claudie: "In the meanwhile the counter has reached seven years. Paul Zieltjens, who we met at a previous employer, recently joined the firm in October as a partner. Our cooperation works very well, because we have known each other for such a long time, and we trust each other blindly." There is certainly no lack of team spirit at Gimbrère Advocaten Amsterdam.

According to Claudie the best element of practice is the entrepreneurship. Claudie: "You can organize your practice exactly the way you want it and you can decide for yourself who you are working with. I notice that the emphasis is now, more than ever, on cooperation. We have a natural interest in businesses, and we are entrepreneurs ourselves. That interest and experience is reflected in our practice.’

Tribes & Gimbrère Advocaten
In search of flexible office space Gimbrère Advocaten ended up at Tribes. Frank explains why they have made this decision: "The advantage of Tribes is the number of locations, we litigate throughout the country, so you can easily prepare for hearings and meetings at the other locations. The 'alleviation' is another element that was appealing to us. In addition, the location is very centrally located and therefore easily accessible, and we find the service very personal."

Since Gimbrère Advocaten does also have offices in Breda and Spain, in Barcelona, Marbella and Madrid, we can classify them as true business nomads. So Gimbrère Advocaten is certainly interested in the other locations of Tribes, and they look forward to a location in Breda!