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Tonight, at 20:00 hours, I will be on the Dam. Like every year, I’ll take two minutes, just like the king, his wife and every other Dutch to commemorate the war victims. Not just those of the Holocaust, but all the victims who gave their lives for freedom. We’re supposed to celebrate liberation the day after. Both are extremes, horrors followed by festivals. It’s a strange twist if you ask me. Although, after some consideration, I think such an extreme combination of emotions is not that strange at all.
As Chief and Founder of Tribes, I’m looking for answers with the nomadic tribes of course. There are conflicts on territory and food, besides the cheerful celebrations of rituals and ceremonies. Such conflicting emotions are sometimes extremely important, for example during the maturing ritual. The young Hamar men must show courage while taking a big leap. After, they will experience the joy of becoming an adult. Nobody will talk about the great fear they felt during their jump.
I also recognize the two extremes in death. You immediately think about pain and sadness, but in some cases I feel something else. Sadly, my uncle has passed away too young after a short illness. We had a beautiful ceremony, with wonderful words for this fantastic man. I saw my family mourning and crying for this enormous loss. Besides the sadness I felt, I strangely noticed something else: I was relieved for my uncle. It sounds strange: I was glad that at least he was spared the pain and suffering from his disease. My uncle is released, but my aunt, nephew and niece stay behind with great sorrow. Again, two emotions going hand in hand.
And in another common situation: arguing couples (no worries, this is not a story from experience). They can tell each other the most terrible things, but if you listen to their words, you’ll hear frustrations. Frustration because both parties want it to work, but they don’t understand why their love doesn’t sparkle any longer. You’ll know that their passionate love is gone when they peacefully break up. Love comes from hate, the core of hatred consists of love, because these two are just extremely close to each other. And trying to admit that you love another, during an argument is just very difficult.
Tonight, I’ll think about the horrors of the wars with great abhorrence, but honestly, I will also feel a sense of pride. We didn’t talk about World War II at home, since it’s such a dark period in our history. But from the few information I got, it became clear to me that both my father’s family and my mother’s family have been actively involved in the Resistance. Over 20 people have survived the war, thanks to my grandmother. And I’m proud of it.
Tonight, I will be silent, sunken in my own thoughts, and I’ll experience such a weird, double feeling. For although we live in freedom, we are still limited by our own thoughts, because they might seem ‘strange’. Nowadays, I think more rational, and I dare explore and express my thoughts. That’s real freedom, if you ask me. And that’s what I’ll celebrate tomorrow.
PS: Tomorrow, at 16:30 more about the brave Hamar at RTLZ in Business!  

Aankondiging week 18 from Tribes on Vimeo.