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As you may know, I am very attached to traditions. I love to celebrate special dates, as I will do on the 21th of May. On that day it is the second birthday of Tribes Eindhoven, that is inspired by the Masaï. I think it is important to dwell on the fact that a special event took place a number of years ago. This week there was also such a day, though I doubt if many European citizens are ware of this.  

Next to honouring the victims of the war and celebrating the freedom on the 4th and 5th of May, there’s another special day in May. 67 years ago, on May 9,1950, Robert Schuman, former French Foreign Minister, convened the press for a ‘Communication of the Highest Importance’. He read an important statement stating that a supranational "High Authority" - as Robert called it - had to be set up. A organ whose decisions are binding on France, Germany and the other countries that join. ' I think only few people know that there are the roots of the current EU. The foundation of the European Union was laid on May 9, 1950, and the Heads of State and Government found in 1985 that it had to be celebrated and called May 9th until the "Day of Europe"

In my last blogs, you have read that I think the top of Europe is actually a bit boring and even a bit stupid and unpassionate. Let's face it, that blue flag with yellow stars must radiate a multitude of cultures, but does the opposite. No one who comes up for his own colours and sounds, all facing the same direction. Nobody is really excited, who dares to shout out his opinion, nobody celebrates the party. Not even on the day of Europe.

I can imagine that the gentlemen in1985 had something different in mind for the Day of Europe. Perhaps they hoped it would be a day where all Europeans would give each other a smile, maybe give each other a hand and listen together to the European Anthem (surely we have one, that's based on Beethoven's ninth symphony). The piece is interpreted without words, and whether you like it or not: the universal language of music hits you. It is our European national anthem, it is the language of Europe

I can already imagine. Men and women who celebrate on the street, accompanied by Beethoven's ninth symphony and wrapped in blue with yellow stars. Will you see it happen too?

To make sure that all those men and women can meet each other and to create a perfect place for that party next year on May 9, we will open a Tribes location in the European Quarter, on the Marnix Avenue in Brussels. And for the watchful Tribes fan, this is indeed number three in the European capital, because if you have an opinion about something, you have to come up with a solution. So the EU summit can stop their search for passion and inspiration. They can just walk in at Tribes, to work and to meet.
The location in the European district will be a magnificence one, on a location where all of Europe meets. Even the Kyrgyz people, I will tell you about the Kyrgyz this Friday at RTL Z in Business, have their own embassy in the European district. And as they say, 'do not sell, but tell'. So let's start spreading the word, and tell someone else about that European national anthem. Let the EU's language be heard, and who knows, next year, Europe will meet on 9 May to celebrate this "Communication of Highest Importance" in 1950. Our doors on the Marnix Avenue will be open.

PS: For a workplace in the European district you can contact Martin Popowski,, +32 475 95 16 70.