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‘What is happening around the world?’ I wonder while I’m reading the news during breakfast. There are only miserable articles written in the newspaper, and suddenly my eye catches the article about Qatar. Five Arab countries have broken all diplomatic relationships with Qatar, because of relations with Iran. Saudi Arabia suggests that it is necessary ‘to protect national security against the dangers of terrorism and extremism’. It is the end of a period of arguing, that started in 2012, with the Emir of Qatar actually saying that Iran could not be ignored. Apparently, the states don’t share this opinion, and any connection with Iran must be avoided.
The next article that draws my attention, is written in the FD: Make clear distinction between environment and climate. The section about the growing population reminds me of "Inferno"-like scenes, and in the closing, in which the author is wondering if we are destroying our own environment, makes me think about how the future will look like. But fortunately, the politicians also think about our climate. The men and women even want to invest a lot of money in it, to manage the climate, and they even plan to appoint a special minister for it!
While I think about both articles, I realize that the solution already exists! Where else then with the the nomadic Tribes, or even better: with an indigenous tribe from Iran. That country of which the five states said that it is better not to trade with anymore, to break all political relationships. In this country, they have the solution to the problems in our world regarding climate and the environment.
The men and women of these Iranian tribes have been living for centuries with nature, sustainability, integration, climate change, conflict and knowing the changing needs of people. The motto of these men and women is that everyone should put effort in the world to ensure that there is enough food for all. Through sharing knowledge, innovations and methods, they try to help each other. These tribes all know too well that climate management can’t be solved from above, but rather by setting up local systems and by working together.

Nomadic Tribe from Iran from Tribes on Vimeo.

The Iranian man who explains this in the video knows that we have to do it together, and making a high-level argument does not make sense. That a billion dollar may be a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t solve any problems. He knows that we, together, must make sure that we can keep this world!