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Today we would like to introduce a business partner to you, instead of one of our members. We've met this business partner in a very special way. If you’re a follower of Tribes, you’ve probably seen us in the tv-program Business Class on RTL7. In June, Eduard sat with the host of Business Class, Harry Mens, to talk about the opening of our newest location Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. Kelly Ruigrok was also a guest at the show to talk about her company, the National Sustainability Institute (NDI). Harry Mens introduced Eduard and Kelly after the show and it turned out to be a good business match!

What is Kelly’s business exactly? Kelly is the founder of the National Sustainability Institute, a knowledge institute that operates in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The institute is specialized in sustainable and circular issues. Mainly, they want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to think about CSR. Kelly: 'Many companies think about CSR, but they often don’t how or where to begin. We hand out quality labels which help companies to show their CSR strategy to the world, and thus stimulates businesses to focus on CSR.’ We need some extra explanation, because what kind of quality label is that? The NDI hands out 5 different quality labels, where the ‘easiest’ one allows smaller companies to think about sustainability. So, what do you have to do to earn such a quality label?



The process of receiving this certification is an important process and is performed in different phases. It starts with a quality label test to determine if your company meets all the Independent Appraisal Guidelines. If you do, you will be rewarded with a certificate! After a year or so, the inspectors will come back to you to see if the results are improved and still meet the requirements. If you don’t meet all requirements in the first step, the NDI gives you the opportunity to improve this within 6 months and will still hand out the quality label. Kelly explains the benefits of a NDI quality label: ‘Well, you can profile yourself. Your company receives an independent value advantage, and you will get media attention and you will be placed in a registry that is being consulted by different organizations who want to check if a company thinks about sustainability.’

We wondered where Kelly’s interest for CSR began. She loves to tell us something about it: ‘As a little girl, I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place, but then you need a business case because this can’t be done without means. I started to think it through, and eventually, the NDI was born. Sometimes, it seems that it’s not so easy to think about sustainability as a business. But everyone can contribute to a better and healthier world. Thinking about CSR is accessible for everyone, from freelancers to multinationals. And at the NDI, it’s all about the customer, so every entrepreneur is welcome!’

All Tribes locations meet the CO label of the NDI. I hear you thinking, which requirements does Tribes meet? For example, our interior consists of durable materials, we have social responsible supplies and we use sustainable LED lighting! Small adjustments can make a big difference, which means that you’re a step closer to a quality label! Because Tribes meets this CO label and you run your business at Tribes, your organization already meets a number of requirements for the CSR quality label, based on the ISO26000. Are you a member of Tribes and do you also want a CSR quality label? Join the sustainable Tribe go to